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So yesterday, I got a comment from someone saying they hated my voice with all their heart and I hearted it and they said just your voice though. And I thought it was hilarious so I jokingly put it on my Instagram and I got dozens, I mean dozens, of DMs from you all supporting me. So, Thank you! I've tried to reply to as many as possible but I'm sorry if I missed any. I've gotten over hating my voice the past year but each day I still get plenty of comments from people making fun of it.

Luckily, I'm able to just laugh and brush them off and I get it. That's the deal about being a content creator, you're putting your work out there for people to watch, judge, and critique. But you know, it's not always easy, I've actually had a pretty rough month dealing with it all but I've got a great support system. And the amount of positive comments I get heavily outweigh the negative ones. Also, I know you all hate me addressing negative comments. But sometimes I just need to do it to get rid of the bad vibes. I'm wholeheartedly blown away by the kindness of this community so, thank you thank you. I don't get emotional often but you all are really something. I really don't deserve it. Much love and hope you all have a great day!

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