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Cooking a steak with Tony Chachere's seasoning

So this is a very controversial topic but I like my steaks with just salt and pepper, especially if it's a good cut of meat. I think the conversation about seasoning steak is as intense as people talking about how done they like their meat. In this video, I'm going to try cooking one with Tony's seasoning. It says it's great on everything so let's give it a try. I started cooking it in the pan and I had to apologize to my roommate because she started coughing from the fumes. She's on the phone with a friend and was telling the friend that I was trying to get rid of her. I also started coughing so it's pretty funny.

We opened all the windows in the kitchen and the living room to help with the smoke out since we don't have a vent. I lowered the heat and added butter to baste the steak and then I let it rest for 8 minutes. Then, I tried to slice the steak with even cuts. You know, it wasn't bad but I still prefer a simple salt and pepper because I like to taste the flavor of the meat. So what seasonings do you put on your steaks and what doneness do you like it cooked at?


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