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Cooking lobster and dungeness crab

Last weekend, I binged a bunch of food videos with my brother and sister-in-law. There was an episode of The Best Ever Food Review Show where they ate a bunch of seafood in Vietnam. Then, we knew we needed to get seafood ASAP to eat. So I went to a local Asian grocery store the next day where they had fresh lobster and crab.

I went a little overboard and ordered 3 of each. But, it's a good thing we all have a big appetite. My brother cooked them in beer and also sliced up some nem, which is Vietnamese cured pork, to munch on while we waited. Then, my nephew had something to show off to me.

And then we ate the seafood! Sorry I don't have more footage of the food. I was way too busy getting my hands messy eating it all.


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