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Cooking lobster with Cajun butter sauce

My parents asked me to come over because they had something for me and it turned out to be a frozen lobster. At first, I was just going to steam it and eat it but then I remembered I had some potatoes that I need to get rid of. So, I decided on trying out a Cajun butter sauce. First, I boiled the potatoes and some eggs. Then, for the butter sauce, I added 2 sticks of butter and some crushed and minced garlic. Next, I added garlic powder, onion powder, lemon pepper seasoning, chili powder, and two spoonfuls of homemade Cajun seasoning- since I don't have Old Bay seasoning. Then, I added some dried parsley and because I could, I added Elijah's ghost pepper hot sauce.

I cut the potatoes in half and added them to the butter sauce with the peeled eggs. I set it off to the side so it could do its own thing while I steamed the lobster. I learned this technique from my dad and brother. They just steam lobster in beer so it adds additional flavor. After 9 minutes, it was good to go. I couldn't wait so I went ahead and ate the claws. I cut the tail in half and added to the butter sauce to get it fully coated in goodness. And, you know what? I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty proud of myself for how good these turned out.

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