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Cooking steak for a chef

I love cooking steaks mostly because I'm getting better at it but still it's a hit or miss and don't do this but sometimes I close my eyes with my first cut of steak just because I'm scared of how it turned out. But, like I said, I'm getting a little better. Especially at judging the doneness. There's also less pressure when you're cooking the steak for yourself and he doesn't know this but I was a little worried for Benji when he was cooking in front of acooknamedMatt because what if it didn't turn out that great. I knew he was confident in his steak cooking skills but my steak insecurities were coming out and I wasn't even cooking it but really there's nothing to worry about because 1, the steak turned out amazing and 2, you know how chill Matt is in his videos? That's exactly how he is in real life.

The steak turned out great and Benji suggested that we add his guacamole to it. Which I've never had this combo before. Creamy avocado on steak and it was really good. Do you think you could cook while a chef is watching you?


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