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Crab Rangoon Recipe from of one of my favorite content creators

Today, I'm making crab rangoons using one of my favorite content creator's recipe, The Golden Balance. I'm using whipped cream cheese instead of his regular cream cheese since I already had this in the fridge. I added crab, chopped green onion, soy sauce, sesame oil, cayenne pepper, chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, and a light pinch of salt. Then, I mixed it all up. Big shoutout to The Golden Balance for this recipe. His an awesome content creator doing great things so make sure to check out his channel as well. I'm using small wonton wrappers to make the rangoons, and then I add a little bit of filling. Then, I wet each of the sides of the wrapper. Then, I squeezed each of the corners together. You want to make sure it's sealed so it doesn't blow up in the oil. I made 6 of them and this is kind of where I messed up. I put them in the hot oil but the oil was too hot so they were cooking very quickly and I started panicking. I tried to flip them over since the tops were unevenly cooking and then I rushed to get a plate since I needed to get them out quickly. I took them out and of course when I flipped the last one the top opened up and I lost the filling. This definitely showed me that I need to learn more about frying food. Besides the blown out one, the others weren't bad as long as I just ate the filling part and not the burnt ends. If you want to see a way better version, make sure to check out The Golden Balance's video.

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