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Day 1 of trying to build my spice tolerance

As some of you remember, I said I would do this spicy noodle challenge if Thai Orchid employees would try it. It's basically putting four ounces of these Thai chili flakes in cup noodles and eating the whole thing. Out of the two people who have tried it, they both only got two bites in. So, I've come up with a strategy and I have no idea if it will work. I will do a four day series where I try spicy foods to try and build up my spice tolerance.

Today is day one and I will be eating jalapeno cream cheese Takis but I will be including the insides of the jalapeno in the cream cheese, along with Truff sauce, their hotter version. I mixed everything together and put it in a sandwich bag so I could fill the jalapenos easier. I filled each jalapeno and was able to fit three Takis in each.


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