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Day 10 of trying to build my spice tolerance Pt. 3

So while the spice is still in my mouth, I'm gonna go ahead and try this yogurt. You guys can tell from my eyes, they're watering. So that last sauce was definitely hot. Was it more hot than the things I've tried? No, but it's got a good kick to it. It's actually a lot of you guys that had recommended yogurt, so we'll go ahead and give this a try. I'm sure it will help. It's a dairy product and it's cold and it's cool, so cheers.

Okay, so for the yogurt, I would say it has the same effect as milk, because temporarily it helps with the heat, but long term...not even long definitely kicks in. I do have to say the extreme regret sauce kicked in really late. That concludes day 10. Day 11 I am doing the creeping reaper beef jerky. So we'll see how that goes.


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