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Day 12 of trying to build my spice tolerance Pt. 1

Today is day 12 of trying to build my spice tolerance and I am attempting the most requested challenge so far, the one chip challenge. This is the 2020 version so I'm not sure how many Scoville it is. To help with heat, I will be trying a chocolate bar as many of you have requested.

Do you dare go head to head with the reaper and do you have any last words?

I don't have any. I'm kind of sweating and a little bit nervous. Most of the people doing this challenge are doing it for 5 mins before they drink anything.

Does it look deadly? Yes. Does it smell deadly? Yes.

So getting it down is going to be hard. It's hot. The more I open my mouth, the hotter it gets. So I'm just going to try and stay quiet. My eyes are tearing up. The outside of my lips where the chip touched is getting hot as well. Mind over matter. We got this guys!

I'm sweating. I feel a tingle in my face. I think the spice is dying down actually. The spice is dying. This is awesome. I think building my spice tolerance is working.

3. 2. and 1. We did it!


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