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Day 14 of trying to build my spice tolerance Pt. 2

I just chewed some peppers that were still in my mouth. Let me just swallow those real quick. Okay, so the spice is basically gone at this point, but I kinda do want to try heavy whipping cream just because I have it. I think this is spicier than the white lightning, to be honest. Which I tried last week and it was their 2.0 of this. I personally think it is spicier. I did get over the heat pretty quickly. I don't have a head rush.

Heavy whipping cream, a lot of you guys suggested this so, going to give it a try. It's really thick, obviously, as you can tell. It's very thick. I think this helped. It did have a pretty cooling effect on my tongue so I want to say this works. It's not very practical while I'm doing the spicy challenges because I swallowed that portion and any more of that and I would have to spit out. Alrighty, so that concludes day 14. If you guys have any suggestions for day 15, let me know.


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