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Day 2 of trying to build my spice tolerance

Alright, it's day 2 of trying to build my spice tolerance. Today, I'm attempting the Ghost Pepper Spicy Chicken noodles. I haven't tried these before but I've seen videos of people trying it and it's kind of intimidating. And, of course it has got this warning; extremely spicy! try at your own risk. You know, totally what I want to see before I eat something.

So inside you get a fork, which I don't need since I'll be using chopsticks and then the hot sauce packet. The noodles are a dark purplish black color. Looks really cool. I added boiling water and let it sit for four minutes. Then I drained the water and added the hot sauce. I made sure to mix really well so I wouldn't get any unpleasant surprises.


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