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Day 5 of trying to build my spice tolerance

It's day five of trying to build my spice tolerance. I'll be trying the world's hottest gummy bear, the Nitro Gummy. It's combustible, it's hot, and it's flammable? It's 9 million Scoville which makes it 900 times hotter than a jalapeno.

The world's hottest gummy bear.

Am I nervous? Yes I am. There's no way I'm touching this with my hands.




It was spicy, yes. It is getting spicier. My head is getting warm. I can feel the head rush now. I don't know if I hit the max spice yet because it's still getting pretty hot. It is not spicier than the Carolina Reaper I ate yesterday. I can feel a vibration from my hands up to my face. We are 3 minutes and the spicy is starting to slow down. My face is vibrating right now! This is so weird. I'm also wondering if my spice tolerance strategy is working. I feel like that was supposed to be harder than it really was for me, personally. I wonder if the past 4 days of prepping for this has helped.


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