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Day 8 of trying to build my spice tolerance Pt. 1

It is day 8 of trying to build my spice tolerance and I'm making a ghost pepper burrito made with 2X spicy ramen. I used half of a ghost pepper that has been sitting in vinegar for a few months. I just sliced it up and added it to seasoned beef. Then, I cooked the 2X spicy ramen noodles. I warmed up a flour tortilla and added some heated up refried beans, the noodles, and the beef with ghost pepper in it. I rolled it up and tried to cook it a little more in butter and yeah. That didn't work out. In my defense, this was my first time making a burrito.

Okay. So I got the ghost pepper burrito here. I got this tortilla here, just chilling to capture any meat I may miss.

So, big big suggestion that people have been telling me to try is bread. And, also handy dandy milk which I think has been the most effective so far in reducing the heat that I have been experiencing.

Wow. So it's an instance heat into my mouth. Actually, it's kind of pleasant because it tastes really good. I'm going to continue eating because I feel like this is going to creep on me even more.


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