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Day 9 of trying to build my spice tolerance Pt. 1

It's day 9 of building my spice tolerance and I'm attempting the Toe of Satan lollipop challenge. This thing is nine million scoville and you're supposed to keep it in your mouth for five minutes. I've seen videos of other people trying it and I'm pretty scared, but here we go. Also, big shoutout to "tinymakesthings" for suggesting banana rice punch.

I'm going to give this a try and see if it helps with the spice after the challenge. This is possibly the hottest candy on the planet. Do you dare attempt to conquer this sinister lollipop? Yes, I do. Nine million scoville. This is gonna be on par with the nitro gummy that I tried. Smelling smells like cinnamon. On three...1, 2, 3. Start.

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