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Did I throw away the leftover spicy ramen from my challenge?

Someone asked me if I threw away the noodles from the challenge yesterday because it was too spicy. And the answer is, no. I'm not a fan of wasting food and so what I did was think of a way to make these noodles less spicy so I could eat them. I thought of adding sour cream but then I had flashbacks of how horrible it tasted yesterday with the spicy noodles. So I decided to add milk since that is somewhat neutral. I do think it's funny that I used to hate milk and now it saves my life during these spicy challenges. Also, I'm really glad my roommate wasn't home because spicy fumes were definitely coming up. Once the milk was cooked into noodles I plated it and looked sadly at the egg I forgot to eat yesterday.

When I took the first bite, it wasn't that bad. It tasted like the 2x spicy noodles but then I took another bite and it was much spicier but nowhere near the intensity level yesterday. I felt like it was missing something. It needed something to cut the savoriness of the sauce so I added pickled jalapenos. I know that sounds weird but it helped a ton and I was able to finish everything and I got to have the bite of egg I was thinking about all night. Thank you pickled jalapenos for coming to the rescue.

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