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Do I enjoy the food I film?

Do you ever feel like you don't enjoy food as much because you're focused on filming it rather than actually savoring each bite? So most of the people around me are used to seeing me film my meals while I eat but sometimes I do get weird looks like "what are you doing" but it makes me also think about the question; Am I lessening my enjoyment in order to make this food content?

But I came to the realization that, as much as I love eating the food, I equally love sharing the experience with other people. It's almost like leveling up. This food can only be consumed by me or it can also be visually consumed by another audience which is you the viewer. Also, I get DM's from people saying that they've been trying new foods just because they've seen it in my videos and that motivates me to continue filming. There are also times I don't film while I'm eating because I want to catch up on my friends' videos. So I just eat and scroll through their posts. Filming an abundance of food content also gives me the opportunity to share endlessly amounts of embarrassing stories with you all and answer questions like this.


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