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Do I shoot videos every day?

A question I get asked a lot is whether I shoot all my videos in one day and post them or do I just post old videos that I have. And, it's actually a mix of both. First, I have a ton of content from the past few years that I'm posting now on Youtube. I'm re-editing all of them before I post them and for the most part creating new voiceovers. Like this video here from last year when I threw a bunch of leftover items together. By the way, noob mistake on my part using a metal spoon and metal tongs on a non-stick surface. Secondly, I do film a bunch of new content as well. I'm basically shooting a video every day. A couple weeks ago, I actually shot 9 videos in one day. So what you're getting to see is a bunch of old content that I have mixed in with my new content. Eventually, I'll run out of old videos and you'll just see new stuff.

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