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Do you think food brings people together?

Holiday get-togethers are fun because you get to catch up with friends and family but let's be honest we're really just there for the food and drinks. No offense to anyone I saw this past weekend, you guys are awesome and I'm totally just kidding. I love seeing everyone the most but I do agree that food is an important aspect of gatherings. No matter what's going on we can all agree that we need to eat. Also the best place to hang out it's where everyone is cooking. I got to hover around the cooking place because I had an excuse that I needed to create content so I was grabbing food any chance I got. You can't go wrong with delicious food and good company. And, when people ask you if you're married yet you can just stuff your mouth with food and shrug helplessly at the person. If you're celebrating independence day please be safe, eat lots of food, and have fun.

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