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Eating Oaxacan & Middle Eastern Fusion Cuisine (from Ugly Delicious)

One of the hidden gems I found in Los Angeles was a small eatery owned by two brothers who grew up in Oaxaca. They came to America and then worked in kitchens until they were able to open their own place. X'tiosu Kitchen in located in Boyle Heights, and they serve a fusion of Oaxacan and Middle Eastern Cuisine.

I filmed this back in November and when I reached out to them I had no idea they were going to be featured on David Chang's second season of Ugly Delicious.

I met up with Steve Cha of Rockstar Eater again, and we tried Chicken Shawarma Tacos, Falafel Tacos, Black Bean Hummus, and Kebabs. This place is a must-try if you're in Los Angeles.

X'tiosu Kitchen

923 Forest Avenue

Los Angeles, California

(323) 526-6844

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