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Exploring a supermarket in Hawaii

For stop number four, Philip took me to check out Foodland. It's a supermarket selling a bunch of food and household items. I don't know why but I like to see the different things that stores in other states have and in Hawaii it's quite the experience.

They had bento boxes to-go, fried chicken musubi, spam, fried rice, BBQ ribs, and Korean chicken and according to Phillip, this is the best pie in the world, the chocolate haupia cream pie. They also had individual leis that you can buy. I learned that men wore ones made with tea leaves. Then, I picked up some more chocolate covered macadamia nuts but the main attraction was a variety of poke that they sold. They had so many different types to choose from and you can pick from different size containers. Besides the tuna, they had mussels, clams, and imitation crab. They also had a pretty legit instant ramen aisle. I had to grab some slippers that were too cute to pass up on. I knew my nephew would love them. And then I got a spam slicer for myself since I cook spam once in a while.


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