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Filipino food for breakfast

On one of our days in Hawaii, we went to Ilocandia Filipino Store in Maui for breakfast. It's a small store selling fresh produce and pantry items but they also sell take-out Filipino food. Everything looked delicious. We ordered some of the longaniza, squid adobo, pinakbet, a pork dish that I don't know the name of, and lechon kawali. The auntie who was serving the food was so nice.

The first thing I went for was the lechon kawali. I don't think I've ever seen a better crisp on pork belly before. It had a wonderful crunch. When dipped in the sauce it was perfect. The squid adobo was savory and reminds me of a similar Vietnamese dish my parents make. It was also cooked with a pepper that I couldn't identify. I was first introduced to longganiza last year when I did my 30-day Ramen Challenge and this one looks way better than the one I cooked. When I bit into it, I got a burst of flavor and fat in one bite. It was really rich but the rice balanced it out. Okay, if you know the name of this pork disk, please let me know. It looks like it was cooked with white and red onion and I remember it tasting a little bit vingery. This food spread is exactly the type of food I'm looking for when I'm on a trip.


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