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How I deal with stress

How do I deal with stress? I used to be really really bad at it. I'd bottle it all up and then have a silent breakdown. Then, I would rinse and repeat but going through therapy helped me a lot. I'd say I'm 10 times more mellow now than I used to be.

I'm a more chilled person who goes with the flow. So now I don't stress as much but when I do, I got plenty of outlets. I can go workout with Bob to let out most of the physical aspect of stress. I've got friends to talk to who will listen to what's going on so that helps a bunch too. Sometimes you just need a good venting session. If I need to, I'll turn off my phone and enjoy some of my hobbies like reading and watching TV. Overall it's just knowing that whatever's going on, will pass. I know that's hard to hear in the midst of the stress but try and get that support system during those times.


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