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How I got inspired to post on YouTube

How did I get started to do Youtube and post videos? You know it's a lot of combinations of things that inspired me to post videos. But one of the big ones is other food content creators. I was dangerously close to not starting my business because I didn't think I was ready. I thought I needed to get better at videography, become a pro at editing, and build better connections. Really any excuse I could find to not start. But then I was also constantly watching food videos from creators like Strictly Dumplings, Mark Wiens, and the Best Ever Food Review Show and I became restless. I got so much inspiration from watching the videos that I knew I needed to start creating content. So I just said screw it, better to start now than never. I started posting my restaurant videos on Facebook first and I can't even watch my videos from the beginning because they're so bad. But by constantly posting and learning from my mistakes, I was able to get a little bit better and seeing these other content creators thrive on Youtube, gave me the push to get started on this platform. It's been a bumpy ride but I got the break I needed January and I haven't looked back. I owe a lot to all the food content creators out there right now on Youtube paving the way for new food content creators.


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