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How I got into eating spicy foods and steak

What got me into eating hot foods and steaks? Well for the steak part, that is kind of new. I haven't really been appreciating steaks until the past few years. My brother has been cooking them more and experimenting with different sauces and last year once I learned how to cook the steaks the way I like it. It was game over. For the hot foods question, I've kind of always been eating spicy food growing up. There's actually a lot of spicy Vietnamese dishes that my parents would cook. My mom told me that when I was a baby I was crawling around in the kitchen and snatched up a chili pepper and ate it before she could stop me and apparently I didn't cry so I think was the beginning of my spicy journey but really I started building my spice tolerance when I was asked to take on the Thai Chili Flakes Noodle Challenge last year.


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