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How I made a BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

It's another day of me trying to use up the 7 pounds of pulled pork that I cooked. I decided to make a BBQ pulled pork sandwich with bacon. I cooked the bacon first since that takes the longest. I don't have any weight thingy. So I pressed a bowl down on the bacon to evenly cook it and because I love eggs, I dropped one straight into bacon grease to make a fried egg.

Then, I buttered up some bread and put it in a case iron skillet to toast it up. Now comes the assemble, pulled pork, BBQ sauce, coleslaw, bacon, and beautiful egg. I felt like it was missing some heat so I added Truff's hot sauce to it. Big, big thank you to Truff for sending me these to try. Man, this was really good. It almost tops the ramen sandwich I had last week. The only thing I would change is that I should have mixed pork with the BBQ sauce before putting it on the sandwich. But, like I said, this was really really good.

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