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How I try to stay in shape

As a food content creator, a question I get asked a lot is how I stay in shape. So, I'll list a few things that I think helps. I'm not a nutritionist, dietitian, or health expert so please do not take any of this as health advice. This is just something that works for me.

First, I intermittent fast. That means I don't eat for about 16-18 hours each day. I kind of just fell into this. It was not intentional. I finished dinner around 6-7pm and I'm just not hungry in the mornings so I skip breakfast and just drink a cup of coffee. Secondly, even though I cook a lot of food, I don't eat it all. Some of you may know my neighbor series where I give them food as well. And lastly, I trained in Krav Maga for a couple years and I have Bob out back to beat up. I try to work out with him a few times a week. It's a fun workout that I enjoy doing. Plus, I get to let out any frustration I have. Also, a lot of you have asked why I call him Bob. It stands for body opponent bag. So, the title of this video is how I try to stay in shape because some days I don't intermittent fast, most days my neighbors don't get any food and some weeks I don't work out. And, that's just life.

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