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How I used to wet my rice paper

Growing up we didn't have this cool rice paper holder Contraption thingy. I started using this a few years ago when I saw that my parents had one. what we did before was just getting medium to large sized both filled it up with warm tap water and then you dip and spin the rice paper in the water bowl. This was always my job when I would help set the table for our meals. I would feel one to two bowls depending on how many people were eating and I also had to wait until right before we ate so that the water didn't cool down. Also during the meal when the water did cooldown, I would go and replace it with warm water. I haven't done a one-handed spring roll in awhile so let's give this a try. I’m still pretty sad that this packaging of rice paper has a bunch of pieces that were already torn but oh well and not going to lie it was a bit rough but we got through it. The spring roll stayed intact through all the fish sauce dunks so that’s a win in my book.


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