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I cooked a bunch of quail eggs in my noodles

So, I might have gone overboard with the amount of quail eggs I put into this noodle bowl but oh well. I cooked the quail eggs and for the noodles, I picked Samyang stew type noodles. There's a hot sauce packet to add to the water to cook the noodles. I cooked the eggs to a soft boil and then I gently peeled them since they were so delicate.

I added the seasoning packet to the noodles and then cut the eggs in half to add them in the bowl as well. Then, I felt fancy so I decided to add a raw egg to the top. And don't worry, I mixed it in the hot broth and that cooked it. Obviously, there were a lot of eggs but at least it was still delicious. Have you ever tried quail eggs?


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