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I made a ramen crab rangoon

"Can you make ramen stuffed crab rangoon?" Yep! Let's give it a try. I decided to use carbonara noodles since I thought that would be a good flavor with the crab rangoon filling. By the way, if you ever hear my whistling, it's because I thought of something embarrassing I did years ago and I'm trying to forget about it. I drained the noodles and added the hot sauce and I totally forgot about the other seasoning packets so this is just basically the hot chicken version. One of my downfalls in the kitchen, I forget things easily. In a wonton wrapper, I added a little bit of noodles and some filling. I made the crab rangoon filling yesterday so you can find the recipe in that video. I got it from The Golden Balance. I wet two sides of the wonton wrapper and then tried my best at closing it up, but a little too much filling. Here's another one of my downfalls in the kitchen. I'm very impatient. I couldn't sit there and wrap a bunch of these rangoons so I just made 4. I really just need to suck it up and be patient since I'll be trying to cook a lot of other dishes in the future. Also, this is the moment I realized I forgot to add the ramen seasoning. And, I learned from the last crab rangoon video to not have the oil too hot. I fried them just for a little bit and then I set them off to the side to cool. I'm not going to lie, these weren't bad. The noodles provided a nice texture against the savory filling and crunchy wrapper. Thanks for the suggestion.


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