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I made a spring roll from hotpot ingredients

Can I make a spring roll but with hotpot ingredients and the broth as a dipping sauce? Let's give it a try! I ordered some hotpot stuff from a local restaurant. They have a spicy broth noodle, veggies, seafood, and beef. I dropped a bunch of stuff into the boiling broth. It's the same on both sides but I designated the other side for Holly because she doesn't like mussels. I've done hotpot and spring rolls before but I've never used the broth as a dipping sauce. Usually, I create a separate chili dipping sauce. So, this will be interesting. I wet my rice paper in warm water and again if you missed it, I found this rice paper holder at a local Asian grocery store but you can also find them online.

I added noodles, broccoli, salmon, a mussel, bok choy, and beef. Then, I poured some of the broth into a bowl. I was extremely hungry at this point and a little worried that I added too much to the rice paper. I attempted a one-handed spring roll but the wrapper had a tear in it so I failed. In my defense, this package of rice paper that I got has been notorious for having torn rice paper. So, I had Holly hold my phone to record while I was using both hands. Shout out to her for her steady hands. I dipped it in the broth and ate it and it was delicious. Here is my roommate coughing from the spicy broth. I ate the rest of the hotpot in a bowl just because it was easier. Thanks for the suggestion.


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