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I made steak tacos using green corn tortillas

If you've watched my videos, then you know I can't turn down a good sale on meat. I found this flat iron steak for half the price so I grabbed it even though I've never cooked

this cut before. I cut it in half and saved the smaller piece to make beef fajitas. Then for the remaining piece, I seasoned it with salt and pepper on both sides. I really didn't know how long to put it in the oven for, so I tried 10 minutes at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. While that was cooking, I cut up some of my compound butter. After 10 minutes, the steak didn't look ready yet so I increased the temperature to 350 and put it in for an additional 15 minutes. I pulled it at 110 internal temperature for the meat. I added some vegetable oil to a hot cast iron skillet and I don't recommend this part. I had a couple shallot so I tossed them in but I ended up burning them. Luckily it didn't affect the taste of the steak but again I would not recommend adding them in at this high heat. I seared each side of the steak for a minute, flipping it twice and then I added the compound butter while it was resting.

I decided to use this steak in tacos using green corn tortillas from my friends over at Pinole Blue. I was pretty surprised but I was happy at how the steaks turned out. I added some onions, cilantro, pickled carrot, extremely hot ghost chili salsa, and a little bit of lime. 10/10 I would definitely try this again.


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