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I made steak with black garlic compound butter

During my last trip to Kansas City, my friends at Taco Naco gave me black garlic that they made. I've never tried it before but she mentioned it'd be good on steaks so naturally I decided to make compound butter. I added a stick of butter, parsley, salt, and a pinch of thyme. I cut into the garlic and was really surprised by the consistency. It was paste-like and was almost as soft as the butter. And then, I just went through the process of squeezing them all out. I used 1 whole bulb. I mixed it all up and did an absolutely horrible job at wrapping it. It only takes a few hours to harden up in the fridge but I left it there for a couple of days until I was ready to cook the steak. I just seasoned it with salt and pepper on both sides. And, I'm really sad because I left my cast-iron skillet in Kansas City the last time I was there so I'm using a non-stick pan. Definitely not the best sear but it does the job.

I opened up the butter and it was looking interesting. I'm glad there were big bits of garlic in it. I had the pan medium-high heat but dropped it to medium once I added the compound butter so it wouldn't burn. So, on my compound butter journey I've made 3 different types so far. This is by far my favorite one. Black garlic added a unique funky taste to it. Almost salty but also really creamy. 11/10 I would try this again.


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