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I made vegan 2x spicy noodles

My favorite thing about social media is the ability to connect with people all over the world. There's so many platforms today for us to reach out and meet people from all walks of life. I've gotten to correspond with many of you all and I had something exciting happen a week ago. I was streaming on twitch when I was rated with a party of 300. At first, I didn't notice it because my link didn't go out but I was like, woah why are there so many people following. So the person who rated me started chatting and I kind of noticed that the profile picture looked familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it. Her followers started mentioning that she also cooked. I was all for it and said we should do a collab. After the stream, I checked out her page and recognized her because she comments on my YouTube videos. Her name is Flavia and here we are. She sent me over her favorite add-ons for 2x spicy ramen since this version of noodles is vegan.

It's my first time trying shimeji mushrooms. I also added bamboo shoots, lettuce, fried tofu, bean sprouts, and soybean paste. Then, I topped it with chopped green onions and toasted nori sesame seeds. Thank you Flavia for suggesting this combo. This is possibly the best plate of noodles I've made and I've made a lot. By the way, if you happen to be watching this around the time I post it, I'm live on Twitch with Flavia right now where she's going to show me top frag in Valorant. So come join us.

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