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I tried cooking steak in consomé

I have leftover consome, birria baked potato, and a steak. So, I'm going to try braising the steak in the consome to see what happens. I'm just seasoning the steak with some salt and pepper and searing it for about a minute on both sides. Then, I'm placing it in the consome bath and gave it a little pat for good luck. I cooked it in the over at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. I also put the la papa tito in the oven as well to reheat that. After six minutes, I pulled them both out and let the steak rest for 8 minutes.

The steak turned out to be good rare to medium rare. I definitely could have worked on my plaiting skills but I couldn't wait to try this. I ladled some of the consome over the top of the steak and the baked potato and added pickled red onion. Then, I started the journey of creating the ultimate bite. Cut the steak, add the baked potato, some of the birria meat, and pickled red onion, this was so good that I couldn't sit down. I ate the rest of this while standing. Would you try this?


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