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I tried grilling a Tomahawk Steak for the first time

I saw a Tomahawk Steak at the store and couldn't resist picking it up even though I've never cooked it before. My plan was to just cook it in my oven since I don't have a grill but then I took it with me when I went to visit my brother to use his grill. I seasoned the steak the day before with salt, pepper, and garlic powder and left it uncovered in the fridge overnight. And lucky me, I have an expert just a text away. I was able to get tips from Max The Meat Guy on how to grill the steak. He was excited. I was excited. As long as I had the meat thermometer, everything was going to be okay.

I cooked the steak on indirect heat on each side for 15 minutes. Then Max asked for the internal temp. and my brother realized he couldn't find his thermometer. Max said it was going to be okay so I wasn't worried. I cut into the meat to see how far down it was cooked and then Max said he was scared about the thermometer situation which made me panic and I needed to heat the coals back up so I fanned them with a baking sheet. I seared each side for 3 minutes and let it rest for 20 minutes. It turned out to be a good medium and I was happy with the results and I don't want to brag but I kind of do. Max did say it did look like it was cooked perfectly. So, I'm going to count that as a win. And, it tasted great by the way.


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