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I tried McDonald's BTS Meal

Today, I am trying the McDonald's BTS meal. Which consists of chicken nuggets, fries, a drink, and they've introduced 2 new flavors of sauces. One of my guilty pleasures in college were chicken nuggets even though they were really unhealthy. I don't eat them as much any more but I am excited to try these new sauces which is Cajun and Sweet Chili.

I tried the Sweet Chili first and I was surprised that it actually had a kick to it. I'd say it's similar to the spice level of sriracha. It was sweet, tangy and spicy, and I enjoyed it. Now the Cajun sauce was interesting. There was really nothing Cajun'y about it. It reminded me of a honey mustard. Overall, I like the Sweet Chili sauce more and kudos to McDonalds and BTS for this great marketing collab.


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