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I tried Sweet Potatoes with Kimchi

I recently saw Chef Chris Cho eat sweet potatoes with kimchi and it made me want to try it. So I went to the store to get some sweet potatoes. I love kimchi and eat it with a lot of things so I knew there's a high chance that I would like this combo. I wash the potatoes and steam them for about 20 to 30 minutes until they were fork-tender. I grabbed the kimchi and plated the sweet potatoes and because I am who I am, I was impatient and tried to eat it right away. It was too hot and I basically played Hot Potato by myself for a little bit. So I was finally able to try the combo without burning the skin off the roof of my mouth and it was a winner. The sweet creaminess of the potato mixed with the spicy crunchy kimchi was a great match. Big thanks to Chris for introducing me to this combo.


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