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I tried to convince my parents that I cooked this cajun seafood

My mom loves seafood for Mother's day so I was going to make a Cajun seafood boil for her but yesterday got kind of hectic and I wasn't able to get everything to prep for it. Luckily, there is a great place in town that serves delicious Cambodian Cajun seafood. Since I told my parents beforehand that I was cooking seafood, I wanted to see how long I couldn't get away with telling them I cooked this.

My dad was very hangry because he has to eat at a set time and he was hoping to eat as soon as I got there but my mom wanted me to record her cooking something when I got to their house.

I had to get a plain one with no sauce on it since my dad gets bad heartburn. Then, there is a spicy version for my mom and I to eat. I almost spilled the beans when my mom went Facebook live telling all her friends I made the seafood. I was panicking but I was too far in to back out now. But we started eating the food and I eventually told them.

I'm surprised I got away with it for so long. Also, I want to wish all the mothers out there a happy Mother's day.


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