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I tried to cook for my new roommate

While I was out of town, we had a third roommate move in and I thought it would be nice to cook dinner for her. Holly always has potatoes left lying around that she doesn't cook so I just roasted those and then I made garlic butter asparagus. Next, came some steak. I didn't want to scare my new roommate away and smoke up the whole house so I decided to cook the steak outside, even though it's 95 degrees and I'll probably melt. I was also in lazy mode so I didn't grab the extension cord that would allow me to cook in the backyard. Instead I cooked on the side of the house where everyone who drove by could see.

This was a very scuffed setup even the pan was tilted. The sear was non-existent and that heat was on the highest level too. These are possibly the saddest steaks I've ever cooked. At that moment I was over it because I also got three freaking mosquito bites. I was trying to rush because Holly said she is having a friend come over and I want to be done by then in case they wanted to eat too. I had some salmon that I wanted to cook so I added that in the pan while the steak rested. The steak was rare so I had to throw it back in since they both like medium. It was just not my day. My new roommate is not a fan of seafood but she said she would try the salmon. I was not happy with how the food looked but they said everything was delicious so oh well.


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