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I tried to make flakey salt

When I saw acooknamedMatt's video on how to make flakey salt, I was very inspired to try it because it looked so easy. And you all know me, I'm still learning in the kitchen, so easy is the way to go. Well, it turns out, I don't know how to make flakey salt. Apparently, you just add kosher salt to water and mix it until it's dissolved. I had to keep adding water because the salt wasn't dissolving but that's my bad because I put too much salt. Then, I put it by the window so it could dry out but it ended up taking over 2 weeks because there was so much water.

I actually ended up ordering Matt's salt and got it before the water dried out. I roasted some potatoes in a mix of olive oil, pepper, Italian seasoning, paprika, chili flakes, and garlic. I roasted them for 20 minutes at 425 degrees Fahrenheit. And here is the amazing job I did on the flakey salt. It coated the entire container and it was rock solid at the bottom. Safe to say, I'm glad I ordered the salt online. By the way, this is not an ad. I just like supporting other content creators when I can. Will I try and make flakey salt in the future? Probably yes.


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