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Introduction and How I tried to build my spice tolerance to take on a Spicy Noodle Challenge

Hey everyone! I'm Lisa Nguyen and to be honest, this account I created was supposed to be just a test account but now there's almost 100K of you guys. So, I realized that I needed to start making more content for this channel. So, I'm doing this introduction video here as well as showing you my journey on the spicy challenge videos and the days I tried to build my spice tolerance.

A little introduction, again my name is Lisa Nguyen and I am a food vlogger. I used to travel to different cities to highlight different family owned restaurants and then covid hit, the pandemic. I was unable to do so. So, I started cooking in the kitchen and for some reason people liked what I was cooking. I was cooking ramen, I was cooking spring rolls. Just a bunch of different things. And, to be honest, I barely knew how to cook before then but now I'm learning every single day. I'm totally enjoying it and this is my life now until I can go back to traveling. So, I will continue to do spicy challenges. I will continue to test the kitchen. If you guys have any recipes for me to try or suggest, please comment down below in the comments. I'm going to get right into this video. I'm going to be showing you the 5 days I tried to build my spice tolerance and the 6th day where I tried to do the spicy noodle challenge. I'm going to include clips I wasn't able to in the short videos since I had to fit it in a minute or two. So, in this video I can just include whatever. You're going to find some clips you haven't seen before if you have been watching my short videos. But other than that, welcome to my channel! I'm so excited to create more content for you guys. Thanks for watching!


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