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My comfort food when traveling

Whenever I travel, food is always top priority. I always want to try cuisines that I haven't tried before but eventually I need to have my comfort food fix and that's Vietnamese food. On the last day in Hawaii, we found a Vietnamese restaurant and we ordered spring rolls, oxtail pho, bun bo hue, pho dac biet. I had the oxtail pho and man, it hit the spot. I added all the toppings in along with hoisin and sriracha sauce and if you've never had oxtail before it just falls off the bone in this broth and I guess the reason why this food is comforting to me is that it just reminds me of being home with my family and of my parents cooking up Vietnamese dishes in the kitchen. So, even while I'm traveling, food can transport me back home. Also I think this broth has healing properties to be honest. Do you have traveling comfort food?


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