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My favorite comfort food

What would I make if I wasn't feeling well? The answer to that is nothing. If I'm not feeling well, typically I'm not in the mood to cook something and actually today, I'm not feeling great from my second vaccine shot. I ordered my favorite comfort food which is Vietnamese noodle soup. I typically get Pho but I decided on Bun Bo Hue today and we also got some spring rolls. Also, I'm going to be showing cooked pork blood since it's an important part of the dish. So fair warning. When you order these soups, you want to make sure to reheat the broth until it's really hot. A question I get asked a lot is, "why is the meat raw?".

The beef is sliced so thinly that when you pour the hot broth over the top, it cooks the meat. I left the hoisin and sriracha to the side so my roommate can add as much as she wanted. Then I ate a spring roll before assembling my food. Bun Bo Hue is kind of like Pho but spicy. Plus, it has different meats. My mom used to cook this a lot for me growing up so I've learned to appreciate the ingredients. This definitely hit the spot and now I'm going to go take a nap. Spicy noodle soup - Ultimate comfort food.


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