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My first experience trying East African cuisine

A couple of years ago, I had my first experience trying East African cuisine. I met with Doreen Muhoro, who is the owner of Taste of Africa in Kansas City. She prepared this platter called The Feast of Africa. The platter had a whole fried tilapia, Kachumbari salad, pilau, steamed rice, goat stir fry, beef stir fry, sauteed cabbage, kale, chicken skewers, ugali, fried plantains, and chapait. It's also served with a side of beef samosas. I was joined by my friend Danielle who is not afraid to dig in. Everything was delicious.

I also want to mention that I'm so incredibly lucky to not only be able to eat different food from different cultures but I also get to make friends with the people behind the scenes. On my restaurant visits, we sit down after the shoot and eat all of the food while they tell me all of these stories about how they got into cooking, why they decided to open a restaurant, and how they do it. I can't wait to travel again and continue this work.


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