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My mom's fish sauce recipe

This is kind of, sorta, my mom's dipping fish sauce recipe and I say kind of because I'm not sure of the exact measurements. She put in 6 spoonful's of fish sauce which I'm guessing is about 6 tablespoons and then she pulled out this teacup because she wanted the shot to look pretty and pour two full cups of that which I'm guessing comes out to about a cup of water and it's hot water by the way to help the sugar dissolve. Then she added three spoonful's of sugar and 6 crushed garlic cloves and chopped up four Thai Chili Peppers to add to the mix as well. For some sourness, she cut up a whole lime to add and because she knows I like spicy, she put in some extra chili garlic sauce. Honestly, this recipe can be changed to however you like it. Want it saltier? Add more fish sauce. Sweet? Add more sugar. Spicier? Add more chili peppers. We used it to dip pork belly and fish in.


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