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My personality type

What's my Myers-Briggs type? For the first time I saw my therapist, she asked me a bunch of questions and I thought they were all really random but then she told me she's trying to figure out my personality type. She came to the conclusion that I am an I.N.F.J which stands for introverted intuitive feeling and judging. I didn't believe her at first because I felt very extroverted. I felt comfortable around groups of people and I thought I got along well with many people or at least I hope they thought the same way but after some time I realized I get a lot of energy just by being by myself. Although I can go on bouts of interacting with crowds, it takes a lot out of me and I need time to recover. I'm actually in recovery mode right now so you probably won't see me in public for a while. My roommate calls my office my lair because she says it seems like I don't emerge from it for hours, even days at a time.


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