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My roommate tried Indian food

Last month, Holly and I took a trip to Seattle where we ate a lot of food. Our first stop after we checked into our hotel was at an Indian restaurant in Zaika. For our starter, we ordered baked zafrani chicken fondue and the chicken was juicy. Holly ordered butter chicken which came with the lachha paratha and I got the lamb pepper fry. She fell in love with her butter chicken. Like, she stopped talking to me because she was so into eating her food. I've never seen her this speechless before and I couldn't stop eating the lamb pepper fry. It was savory and rich and perfect with Jasmine rice.

And then, we forgot we ordered a side of the garlic naan. You know, it could have been that we were hungry and tired from traveling and that's why the food tasted so good but I'm pretty sure the food was good because it was good, if that makes sense. Holly said that this was one of her favorite meals she's ever eaten.


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