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my sandwich theory

Last month I tried to eat a sandwich like my roommate and I failed. She saves the middle part for last but she also does an interesting thing where she takes a bites on opposite sides randomly. Apparently, a bunch of you also do this because she got a lot of support in the comment.

So this is my theory on the best bite of a sandwich. You know how when you're hungry food taste better when you haven't been able to eat anything all day and whatever you eat next taste like it was a gift from the gods so using Holly’s method a sandwich when you get that last bite your at your fullest you've been while eating a sandwich so it won't taste as good as if it were like four to five bites before. Also, I can be impatient so I need to get that middle part quicker. That's why I like to eat sandwiches like I do and I'll leave the other method for Holly although I still need to attempt it since I failed last time. I have no idea if any of that made sense but please let me know how you eat your sandwiches. Also, can we get a shout-out for this jalapeno steak and egg sandwich. I don't want to brag but I kind of do because I just threw this together and it’s actually amazing.

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