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Oktoberfest in Oklahoma

For the past 5 years, my friend and I make the drive down to Tulsa to attend the annual Oktoberfest! It’s truly one of the biggest weekends I look forward to each year. There’s good beer, food, singing, dancing, and games! What more could you ask for?

We usually drive up Friday, and attend the night festivities, and then we’re there all there on Saturday. On Sunday, we go back for a little bit or check out the mall.

I shot this entire video on my Samsung Galaxy s9+ so apologies if the videos quality isn’t the best! I highly, highly recommend attending this Oktoberfest at least once in your lifetime. The brats are worth it alone!

Linde Oktoberfeset

2100 S Jackson Ave

Tulsa, Oklahoma

(918) 586-2007


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