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One of my biggest downfalls in the kitchen

One of my biggest downfalls when I started cooking last year was my impatience. I couldn't follow recipes because I always wanted to find the shortcuts. luckily, I am getting much better and giving the recipes the love that they deserve.

Last weekend, I had to do the prep work on some kebabs that my friends were making and I had to cut a bunch of red bell peppers, onions and zucchini. In the past I would have hated this but when I was cutting these it had a calming effect on me. my mind is always racing with ideas, plans, and just general life stuff so I don't get many moments to unwind so this helps me to just relax and be in the moment of cutting vegetables. I also saw it as an opportunity to get better at my cutting skills and there's some satisfaction in knowing that you're preparing food that will be enjoyed later on by other people. Another tedious action is putting everything on the skewers which I didn't capture because I was behind on schedule but again it's easier to do when you know the end result.

What are some things that you struggle with when cooking?

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